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Join advantage

Decorate support: according to the required to provide plane decoration rendering

Practice support: matching handbag, wash socks bags, brochure

Exquisite packaging: unified packaging, single independent packaged goods, reduce logistics link to blow, clean and dirty, etc.

Fast new: let the consumer to LOVEBOX socks more trust, let customer satisfaction and to its full of mystery.

Preferential policies: the non-periodical hold all kinds of promotional activities. Such as new reserve preferential, exquisite gift, photo frame free,

Exquisite posters.

Delivery fast: fix delivery, general stock up time 1-3 days.


Exchange policy

The company accept have quality problem exchange products.

In does not affect the second sales situation, to reduce business inventory pressure, in a limited amount of period can press

Stock proportion adjustment exchange.

Specific content see join and agency agreement.


Join requirements

Follow LOVEBOX market management system, identity LOVEBOX of the market business development mode, have a good mind

See or Suggestions timely and we communicate

Counters to join: length in more than one meter, for the first time were at least 50000, the company will provide material in market

Entity to join: shop area at least 15 square, for the first time were at least is 30000.

Discount on purchase: according to the first year were sure discount, annual examination, to complete the contract requirements

The purchase amount, the return point deduction payment for goods.


Profitability analysis

* (this for you to do a rendering display scheme)


The price of a product interval

The main price interval, 39-79 yuan


Chun xia (thin)) : 39-79 yuan


Qiu dong (thick)) : 59-300 yuan